(MAHA*LOOT)TrueBalance App Loot:- Earn Rs20 On Signup & Rs 10 Per Refer [ONLINE SCRIPT ADDED]+ Unlimited Trick+ Trick To Use It In All States!!!

Ready for a fab loot??? You all may be knowing about the True Balance App which is providing Rs 20 for signup & upto Rs10k for referring the app to your friends. But this app is supported only in few states like Delhi-NCR , UP East , UP West , Maharashtra and Karnataka. So, many of you people are facing the problem to use it in other states.

Needless to say, we always have solution for your loot problems. Today we will give you a complete tutorial of True balance App through which you will be able to earn even in the unsupported states. Further more, to earn unlimited, we have brought the only working True Balance App ONLINE REFER SCRIPT!!!


True Balance is a revolutionary way to track you phone balance , your data balance as well as other services related to your mobile number. The app also gives you suggestions about your upcoming recharges and data packs depending on your usage. Now the app is running an exciting referral offer in which you gift 20 rs to your friend and in turn you also get 10 Rs. You can invite 1000 people under you and so in this way , you can earn upto 10000. Isn’t this awesome. You are getting free mobile recharge along with your friends blessing.


  1. Download the True Balance app.
  2. Open the app and it will lead you to Accessibility option in your phones settings.
  3. You will see True Balance there , click on it.
  4. Now tick the box that comes after.
  5. Now open the app again and fill in you details.
  6. Enter ” xxxxxxxx“ in the referral code option (Important to get 20 rs joining bonus)
  7. Now fill your details & verify with otp
  8. You will get Rs20 as signup bonus!! Cool…
  9. For referring, click on Refer and Earn option from the side menu.
  10. Copy down your referral link and share it with friends. 

    For each Friend who joins the app, you will get Rs 10 in your wallet.

Time For Unlimited Earning Trick

  1. Clear the app data from the Settings.
  2. Change the Android ID and IMEI Number using Android I’d Changer & Imei Changer.
  3. Reboot your device.
  4. Open the app and singup again using your new number and boom. You are done. Enjoy !!!

If you think that changing imei & android I’d is waist of time & you get frustrated easily, don’t worry. We have a Exclusive True balance App Online Refer Script that also for free to use!!


Follow the following steps:-

  1. To use the Online Refer Script, you need to know your unique refer code.
  2. Copy your refer link from the app.
  3. If your refer link is like http://ift.tt/1njL1Af, so your refer code will be shown after ” = ” I.e. ” xxxxxxx“.

Now since you have got your refer code, we will proceed to the Online Refer Script.

  1. Click Here to go to the True balance App Online Refer Script page.
  2. In the Refer Code option, type the refer code you have extracted above or you can use ” xxxxxxxxx
  3. In the mobile number option type the unregistered number.
  4. You will get a otp on the unregistered number. Enter it on the next page.
  5. BOOM!!! You will get Rs10 in old account & Rs20 in new account.
    **The password for every newly formed account will be “11111111” ( 8 times 1)


  1. Download the app .
  2. Dont open it and turn off your net .
  3. Open the app and complete the full tutorial as it says.
  4. Once the login screen comes, switch on the internet & you will be able to use the app in other states too!!!


  1. Open CheatDroid app .
  2. Search for Truebalnce in it.
  3. Open Truebalance.sqlite in it.
  4. There you will see, a USSD code to get your number from the SIM card.
  5. Change it to random value.
  6. Now while recharging , click get number, after 2 tries, it will open a popup where you can enter your number.

So now you will be able to change the number too!!


So guys, this is the full tutorial of TrueBalnce App with the only working Online Refer Script. Hope you like it.

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